Poly Bag Bundle Combo Pack of 400 - 6X9 , 8X10 , 9X12 , 11X14 Self Seal Clear Plastic Bags with Suffocation Warning by Spartan Industrial


Collections: Crystal Clear Resealable Polypropylene Poly Bags

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  • SPECIFICATIONS: 6” X 9”, 8” X 10”, 9” X 12”, 11” X 14” (Length excludes the Glue Flap). 1.5 Mil Thickness. 100 Units of Each Size - 400 Units Total of Clear Poly Bags with Permanent Self-Seal Adhesive and printed Suffocation Warning. The self sealing bags use a powerful glue, that is tamper evident, reliable, and not resealable. Self-Seal Feature with Permanent Adhesive.
  • EASY PEEL & SEAL: Peel away the adhesive strip to make the clear mailer bags sealable within seconds, without the need for impulse sealers or tape. These self sealing 6X9, 8X10, 9X12, 11X14 bags are ideal for packing & mailing merchandise.
  • PERFECT FOR FBA: The bags are fully compliant with Amazon FBA’s suffocation warning & polybag requirements as well as state regulations. As they already come printed with the FBA-mandated suffocation warning, additional warning labels are not needed!
  • REDUCE THEFT & LOST PACKAGES: The adhesive on these 6 X 9, 8 X 10, 9 X 12, 11 X 14 poly bags is tamper evident. This means that, once sealed, the plastic bag seal cannot be opened without incurring visible damage. Compared to reclosable zip bags or resealable cellophane cello bags, our suffocation bags are significantly more protective.
  • DURABLE & RELIABLE: Perfect for all shipping, packaging, retail, storage, and warehouse needs.