Spartan Industrial - 9” X 12” (200/500 Count) 2 Mil Clear Re-closable Zip Plastic Poly Bags with Resealable Lock Seal Zipper


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Product type: Reclosable



  • SKU: BAG-ZIP-0912-200
  • SKU: BAG-ZIP-0912-500
  • SPECIFICATION: 9” Width X 12” Length (Length excludes the zipper ).  2.0 Mil Thickness. 200/500 Units of the Clear Reclosable Poly Bags with the Zip to Seal feature.  Our Sealable zippers are incredibly easy to self seal and yet, are super secure.
  • WIDE RANGE OF USES:  Great for a variety of usages such as storage, organization, shipping and packaging.  Our 9X12 resealable zip bags are perfect as t-shirt bags and for packaging clothes, tshirt, and other small clothing. The reclosable zip bags are made with premium-grade, virgin LDPE plastic, which means that our clear plastic bags are durable and able to withstand the unpredictable shipping process.
  • WATERPROOF AND AIRTIGHT: Quality you can see and feel - our zip bags are completely airtight and waterproof.  Designed to keep moisture out and to be leak-proof, the 9 X 12 poly bags are perfect for documents and catalogs.  Our reclosable bags eliminate the need for impulse sealers or tape, and are significantly more reliable than resealable cellophane cello bags, flap lock poly bags and regular flat poly bags.  
  • WILL IT FIT?: In addition to the Width & Length, you will also need to measure your product’s Height (Thickness) because the polybag will need to fit around your whole item.  Required Bag Width = Item Width + Item Height + 1”.  Required Bag Length = Item Length + Item Height + 1”.  Example: If the product is 8” X 5” X 3”, the required polybag size is 9” X 12” (Width X Length).  Required Width (9”) = 5” + 3” + 1”.  Required Length (12”) = 8” + 3” + 1”.  
  • Spartan Industrial, a registered brand, is only sold by ATZ Premium Brands.  ATZ Premium Brands, a family-owned business, is a leading distributor of all types of premium quality shipping, packaging, retail and warehouse supplies in North America.